Sasha Van Duyn was born on Bonaire, an Island located in the Caribbean. Her mother, Tina Woodley, was a champion athlete from the West Indies and her father, Peter Van Duyn, a Dutch philosophical writer and painter. Her parents separated when she was 5 years old. Sasha moved to Holland with her mother and half sister. She began her first dance classes at the age of 6 and fell in love with dance and being on stage. A few years later she was performing in musicals in Rotterdam’s Larges Children Theater Company. At the age of 11, her mother decided to move to Austria and open a fitness studio. The transition was difficult for Sasha; life in the city was very different from life in a mountain village. But it didn’t take long before Sasha learned the German language and started teaching dance classes at her mom’s gym.  At age 16 she left home to study dance at the Bruckner Conservatory. By then Sasha had a lot of stage experience. She didn’t find the school challenging enough so she auditioned for a scholarship into a American private dance school the “New Yorker Dance Academy”, in Germany. She was the youngest ever excepted in the dance academy.

After school Sasha moved back to Salzburg, Austria where a photographer spotted her and took her to Vienna to a national model event “Look Of The Year”. There she was picked up by a well-known agency. Sasha started booking jobs instantly from billboard ads, printing jobs, catalogs, music videos and dance gigs. She soon started working in South Africa, London, Italy, Germany and other European countries. She continued to dance in a modern dance company in Vienna. Because of her love for fitness, she decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps and compete in a National fitness competition. She became Miss Fitness Austria. Sasha received a lot of exposure in the press from her  Miss Fitness title. She started booking many sportswear ads and fitness shows. Her agency called her  to audition for an American movie,“ 9 1/2week part two” with Mickey Rourke, that’s where she got her first taste of acting on the big screen. She played a young French girl, who ends up having a heavy confrontational scene with Mickey Rourke. The director Anne Goursaud, took an instant liking to Sasha and encouraged her to pursue a career as an actress. Sasha continued her growth as an actress as she worked her way into the German and Austrian TV and Film productions.

After doing independent films and TV guest star roles, she decided to move to Los Angeles, California, in order to study and to learn more about the world of acting.

In L.A. she found a little theater community and started performing in plays and taking acting classes. She was  approached by a modeling agency; “Next Models”  Sasha continued to work as a model booking print ads, commercials and leading lady roles in music videos. Sasha was working alongside Jennifer Love Hewitt, Dennis Rodman, Brian McKnight, Gerald Levert, Snoop Dog, and P Diddy, etc. She worked for major fashion companies such as Levi’s and Tommy Hilfiger, Kellogg’s, Mc Donald’s, Guinness, Honda etc. She has been slowly breaking  into the world of TV and film. Coming from  a diverse back ground, she plays characters that are funny, passionate with a dramatic edge . Follow her as she continues her journey as a TV, film and stage actress.